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Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Machine 

Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Machine

Complet line consist of :
(1) Uncoil (Auto)                                       
(2) Forming machine
(3) Steel/Panel heating machine         
(4) Heating frame (Move auto)
(5) Foaming machine                            
(6) Main engine with double track
(7) Heating machine with double track
(8) Band saw cutter      
(9) Automatic stacker
Contact Person: Monica
Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
Mobile: +86-18018304331

Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Line 
Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Machine

Technical Parameters:
Obliquity of main engine: 0-15 degaree
Length of belt laminator: about 24m
Total electrical capacity: about 150-200 kw
The Length of the production line: about 60-80m
Total Weight: about 90-110 Ton

Contact Person: Monica
Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
Cell: +86-18018304331
EPS Sandwich Panel Machine 
EPS Sandwich Panel Machine

1) Technical Parameters
Power Supply: AC380/50-60HZ
Total Power: 32 KW
Production Line Speed: 0-4.05m/min
Equipment overall dimensions: 45000x3000x2800
Product width: 1000mm, 1200mm
Product Thickness: 50-300mm
Annual Output: 600000M2
Contact Person: Monica
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Quick Interchangeable C & Z Purlin Roll Former 
Quick Interchangeable C & Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Technical Datas:
Working piece thickness: Q235 1.5_3mm
Distance of punching hole side-to-side adjustment range: 45~500mm
Max. Forming speed: 20m/min
Total motor power about: 20KW
Forming station: 17
machine consists with the guider, leveler, 2 hydraulic hole punch device, the hydraulic cutting device, fast roller exchange machine
Contact Person: Ms. Monica Lee
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

W Beam Lock Profile Forming Machine 
5mm Lock Type W Beam Profile Forming Machine
Main Technical Datas:

          Material: Q235B steel

          Material Thickness:5mm

          Material Width: 1600mm

       Forming Stations: 24

          Transmission: ZQ550 Gearbox transmission type

               Reducer: ZQ1500

          Main DC Timing Motor: 140KW

              Hydraulic Cutting Motor: 21KW

          Forming Speed: 10m/min.

          Main Machine Dimension: 25000mmx2600mmx1600mm

          Weight of machine: about 70 Ton

    Axis Diameter: ¢170mm
Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine 
Furring Channel Forming Machine, C/U Channel Forming Machine

Main Technical Datas:
Material: G.i Coil
Material Thickness: 1 mm
Total Power: 6KW
Forming Station: 13 groups
 Forming Speed: 0-15m/min
Machine Diameter: 7500mmx800mmx1200mm
 Weight of machine: about 4 Ton

Contact Person: Monica
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine 
Rack Roll Forming Machine, Shelf Forming Machine

Main Technical Datas:
Material Thickness:1.8-2.3mm
Total Power: 22.5KW
Machine Diameter: about 13500mmx1200mmx1300mm
Weight of machine: about 13 Ton

Roll Diameter: 75mm
Forming Roller stand: 18 Groups
Main Axis material: First grade 45# steel, heated and quenched
Roller material: GCr15 Steel, Quenched and heated process
Forming Speed: 12-15 m/min
Cutting length tolerance: +/- 2mm


Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine 
Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

1, Main technical parameters
1) The production line can produce many types of cable rack and other machinery products according to producing requirement.(steel coil width 120mm≤§≤1150mm)
2) Raw material request:Q235 cool steel.
3) Thickness: 1~2mm。
4) Line speed during hole punching: 0-12m/min
5) Total power: about 90.0kw

2, Manufacturing technique:
Process flow:
Auto-de-coiler-----leveling----servo feeding----hole punching---- re-coiler
Downspout Elbow Moulds 
Rainspout Elbow Moulds, Downspout Elbow Moulds

Main Technical Datas:
Curving Degree: 72 Degree with corrugation
Diameter: 100mm or 80mm or at buyer's requirement
Material: Black steel with thickness 0.4-1.5
G.I or Color G.I with thickness: 0.4-1.5mm
Stainless Steel with thickness 0.4-1.0mm
Aluminum with thickness: 0.4-1.5mm
Totally 13 [rocessing steps, means 13 sets of moulds needed, in the processing of forming, needing oil pressure and punching machine.
Speed: 90 pcs/h.
Customer should prepare Oil pressure & Punching Machine
Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine 

Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine

Main Technical Data:
Steel Sheet Thickness: 1mm
Covered Width: 400mm
 Decoiler: Manual Decoiler
Capacity of Decoiler: 5 Ton
Forming Speed: 5-15m/min
 Roller Material: CCr15 high grade steel
Roller Diameter: 120mm
 Axis Diameter: 75mm
Cutting: Hydraulic cuttingCutter Material: Cr12 Mov, Quenched HRC58-62

PLC: Japanese Panasonic Brand
Touch Screen: Japnese Panasonic Brand


Tapered Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine 
Tapered Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Main Technical Datas:
Steel sheet thickness: 0.6-1.2mm
Covered Width: 300-500mm
Forming Speed: 0-18m/min
Forming Station: 18
Roller Material: GCr15 high grade steel
Roller Diameter: 120mm
Diameter of Axis: 75mm
Cutting: Hydraulic cutting
PLC: Panasonic Brand PLC
Main Power: 17KW
Side By Side Roll Formign Machine 
Side By Sid Roll Forming Machine For C & U & L & Furring Channel Profiles
Summary: Two or Three separate forming system, cutting system with common machine base, to save more cost for users, and it is simple to operate the machine.

         Forming Roller stands: 16 Groups

         Axis Diameter: 65mm

         Axis material: First grade 45# steel, heated and quenched

         Roller material: GCr15 Steel, Quenched and heated process

         Dive Type: Chain transmission

         Machine Frame stand: Welded structural steel

         Machine Stand: 36# I Steel

        Thickmess of Fame Steel: S18mm

        Main Power: 5.5KW

Box Beam Roll Forming Machine 
Box Beam Roll Forming Machine

Main Technical Datas:
Material: G.I Coil
Thickness: 0.5-1.0mm
Main Power: 11KW
Forming stand: 15
Axis Diameter: 75mm
Axis material: 45# high grade steel
Roller Material: GCr15 steel, Quenched and Heat treatment
Drive Motor: Famous Chinese Brand
Drive: 1.5' chain transmission
Cutting Power: 7.5KW
Valley Flashing Forming Machine 
Valley Flashing Roll Forming Machine, Top V Shape Forming Machine

Main Technical Datas:

l            Main Motor Power: 5.5kw

l            Roller Stations: 13 groups

         Machine Frame stand: Welded structural steel

l           Thickmess of Fame Steel: 18mm

l           Material of Roller: High grade 45# forge steel, Polished and coated with

l           0.05mm Chrome Surface.

l           Transporting Type: 1.2”Chain Transmission

l           Material Of Chain: High Grade 45#, Heated and quenched HRC 45-50

l           Main Axis Material: High grade 45#

Cutting-To-Lenth line 
Simple Cutting-To-Length Line
Main Technical Datas:

²                    Recoiler I.D: Φ508mm

²                  Weight capacity of the recoiler: 15 Ton

²                 Levelling roller material: 40Cr with surface harden HRC50-54

²                Levelling Speed: 0-24m/min

²               Length of the cutting sheet:300-4000mm

²              Levelling Tolerance: ±1.0mm/2000mm ( Length )

                      ±1.5mm/2000mm ( Diagonal )

²               Electrical Source: 380V/50Hz/3Ph

²                Electrical Control System: Accord with GB Standard


Slitting Line, Slitting Machine 
0.5-3.0mm Simple Slitting Line
Main Technical Datas:

            Material: бb≤380Mpa Carbon steel

                  Thickness: 0.5-3mm Width: 1600mm

            Inner diameter of coil: φ508—φ610

            Outer diameter of coil: φ1600mm. Max.

                   Weight of coil: 15 Ton. Max.

                   Diamter of slitting blades: φ240mm

            Material of slitting blades: 40Cr

            Strips Number: 13 strips



Corrugated Sheet Curving Machine 
Corrugated Sheet Curving Machine, Sheet Curving Machine

Main Technical Datas:

Material thickness: 0.4-0.7mm
Width of sheet: 1250mm
Diameter of principal axis: 120mm
Main Power: 11KW
Speed: 10m/min
Electrical Control System: PLC
PLC: Panasonic Brand
Voltage: 380V, 3 Phrase, 50Hz.
Crimped Curving Machine, Cranking Machine 
IBR Sheet Crimped Curving Machine, Cranking Machine
Main Technical Datas:
Raw material thickness: 0.3-0.6mm
Raw material width and length: according to customer's request
Working Speed: 0-10 m/min ( adjustable)
Main Power: 0.85 Kw, Hydraulic Power: 5.5 KW
 Roller material: High grade 45# forged steel
Shaft material: high grade 45# Steel with Diameter 75mm
Cutting Blade: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment
Embossing Machine 

Aluminum Embossing Machine, Metal Sheet Embossing Machine

Main Technical Datas:
Coil Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet, Aluminium Sheet
Thickness of material:0.16-0.8mm
Sheet size: 700*900mm
Working Speed: 10-15m/min
 Roller Size: 400x1000mm
Main Motor Power: 11 KW
The Method of Controlling the Depth of Embossing Pattern: Screw reducer controlling accurately
Voltage: 380 V3 Phase 50 Hz ( at buyer’s request )
Machine Weight: about 2 Ton


Hydraulic Decoiler, Hydraulic Uncoiler 
Hydraulic Decoiler, Hydraulic Uncoiler

Main Technical Datas:

Hydraulic decoiler: active uncoiling, hydralic expanding
Maxium Capacity: 5Ton - 30Ton ( according to buyer's requested )
Coil Width: 1250mm              
Inner-diameter: 470-530mm
Outer diameter: 1500-1800mm
Material of main shaft: 40Cr
Pneumatic damp pressing arm
Uncoiling speed: 0-20m/min

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